One-Bedroom Guest Rooms

If you’re traveling for business or maybe just need an overnight stay, our one-bedroom guest room will provide you with everything to make your stay as comfortable as it can be. If you need, we can pick you up from the airport and drive you to the hotel.

Each of the Ohio Toledo one-bedroom guest rooms are equipped with everything you need – a table, chairs, refrigerator, microwave, high-speed Internet access, etc. In your room you’ll also find upgraded bath amenities, 42’’ TV , in-room coffee maker and an in-room safe.

If you ever need anything brought up to your room or simply a wake-up call for breakfast, you can use a telephone in your room free of charge. For the best night’s sleep, you’ll sleep on a memory foam mattress from Serta.

When making you reservation, you’ll be able to choose between 375 square feet one-bedroom guest room with a private balcony or a 400 square feet guest room with a private patio.

Family Suite

We at Toledo Ohio pride ourselves as a place for falilies, so we’ll do everything to guarantee you have a delightful stay. If you are travelling with a family, our two-bedroom suites will be perfect for you.

700-square feet family suites are available in two varieties. You can choose 2-bed (King-size and Queen-size) suite with a private balcony or a 3-bed (King-size, two Queen-size) suite with a private patio. Each suite has a spacious bathroom with jetted whirlpool tub, robes and extra amenities. For the best night’s sleep all beds have Serta memory foam mattresses.

Every room is equipped with a telephone which you can use free of charge. Whether you want your breakfast delivered to your room, a wake-up call in the morning or need anything else, everything’s only a phone call away.

Each room of the Family Suite is equipped with a 42’’ TV’s, a refrigerator, a microwave, chairs and tables, a sofa, in-door safe to keep your valuables in and more to make your family feel at home.

Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite is 800 square feet, two-bedroom suite equipped with everything you might need for a luxurious stay at Toledo Ohio. Beds (King-size, two Queen-size) have high quality Serta memory foam mattresses, European linens with down–filled duvet and pillows.

To make your stay at Toledo Ohio a pleasure, we’ll make sure you have everything you need. First, we’ve equipped your suite with an in-door safe for your valuables, an in-door coffee maker, two 42’’ Samsung LED TVs, a radio clock with iOS device plug-in, upgraded bath amenities and much more. However, if you feel there’s something missing, you only need to pick up the in-door telephone in your suite and we’ll deliver. Whether it’s freshly brewed coffee, extra towels, a limousine to drive you or anything else, we’ve got it.

As you may expect, your suite has high-speed internet access, tables and chairs, a lavish sofa, a fireplace and a private balcony. Upon your request, we will met you at the airport when you arrive and drive you to our hotel.

A Toledo Villa

For groups of 8-20 people, we recommend renting out our exclusive Toledo Villa. Our 2,500 square feet villa is set up for a vacation of a lifetime for any group. You will be able to use 5-bedrooms, 5 bathrooms with two hot tubs as well as an outdoor pool, 3 spacious balconies, a lounge area and a private patio.

In your rooms you’ll also find an in-door safe for your valuables, four 42’’ Samsung LED TVs, a kitchen area with two refrigerators, two microwaves and everything else you might expect at a hotel of a highest quality.

Naturally, different groups of people have different needs. However, we promise to do everything to fulfil your every request. Pick up your in-door telephone and tell us what you need – from a wake-up call, breakfast, a driver or anything else you need.

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